Saturday, 6 March 2010

A New Look at Spring

The nice sunny weather of late has really lifted my mood both on a personal and fashion level as I always get really excited about Spring it really is the season that makes you want to get motivated. This Spring is extremely exciting on the fashion front as it is official nudes, candy pinks and pastel colours are back, a great excuse for grown women to act all girl-y! Although like all trends it is wise to never to go overboard as the little-boo-peep look is never good no matter what your age.
Tomorrow is the first of the Vintage Sunday fairs at The EMPIRE in Belfast, perfect for shopping for those unique spring accessories and floral dresses.
PHOTOS: New London Rebel green velvet booties and 1960s Vintage pink earrings.


  1. A tkmaxx find which I am very proud of :) as they didn't cost as much as they look.