Monday, 26 April 2010

Model Images

Check out these amazing pictures of models Sigrid Agren and Patricia van der Vilet and this gorgeous Zara cat dress they just show what fashion is about.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Sign of Weakness

I have read a lot of magazine articles recently on strong, ambitious women who are seen by society as bitchy (really do not like the word) and how this needs to change.
Do not get me wrong I totally agree things do need to change but what gets me is the other side of the coin; the things we must not say or do because we might be seen as 'weak'.
I as a person tend to do all the things that supposedly make women weak individuals but I don't believe in hiding or lying about emotions and intentions. For instance my love/hate relationship with journalism - I do not believe it is right to publish anything about anyone that is damaging or that they do not consent to you publishing. People may argue that this makes me a rather weak journalist - I like to think of it as I have principles.
Love is the other big downfall in my life - I am sorry but I do not have time to play games such as 'you may never say this to him or that...', 'you must be strong and let him contact you' and 'you must go out and find someone else, do not let him see you cry'. I apologise but I fell in love when I was 18 and I still love him and I do not see why I should hide this when it is how I feel. Do I wish to get back together with him? No definitely not! I just don't think it makes me a weak person to admit this. To me it makes me a strong individual because I am being honest, I have realised he does not feel the same way and I have moved on. Why should I apologise for this?
The modern woman lives her life defined by the lives of successful women before her and the unofficial protocol that is set into motion, scared to reach out side the box for fear of being seen as weak. Though really to change people's perceptions on what is wrong and right is that really weak? For me that is revolutionary we should be proud to be different and remember weakness is only a weakness if you make it.

Friday, 23 April 2010

A little Baggage

The blog title could apply to all aspects of my life at the moment but here is the lovely rusty bag I got the other day in Vintage on Royal Avenue, accompanied by a silk cream scarf I picked up in Best Vintage for a £1 (Bargain!). What do you think?

Friday, 16 April 2010

Looking in the mirror

I am going to be honest here despite my many protests to my close friends that 'I don't have one', I have to admit I have a problem with my image. Do not get me wrong I am not currently dialing the cosmetic surgeon as we speak ( I don't believe in plastic for vanity) but every Spring/Summer I find myself every morning and night staring at the mirror picking at my 'flaws'. Which if you want to know is currently my; back fat, pudgy cheeks, wobbly bum and thighs, and that double chin.
Is this vanity? I do not believe it is, because if I did I would spend a lot more time on my appearance (I am not one to get fussed over my hair and make-up). I believe it is an illness that most women suffer from - the idea that we are all supposed to be 'perfect'. It has been said that it is all due to the media's perception of women that causes these 'wobbly moments' of lack of self-belief and I do agree but I think there is more behind it.
I am a magazine addict openly and think nothing nothing about spending £5 on a fashion magazine but have to think twice about parting with £3 for a taxi ride home. From my early teens I have always been this way but I have evantually found refuge in the Elle's and Vogue's of this world rather than the heat and closer type magazines that litter the newsstands. My reasons for this are, firstly I want to know directly about fashion,secondly I don't really like real-life stories unless they are talking of fashion, and thirdly I do not want to read about sex and what's the new thing to do. However there is a fourth and final reason and that is everytime I pick up one of these magazines I feel quite depressed as every magazine seems to target the 'female flaws' and praise celebrities for losing a few pounds or stone (even if they looked better with it on).
I find this quite interesting as I can happily look at Vogue's models and read articles on people like Kate Moss and I never feel grotesquely unattractive, I can even sit down and read it with a big cup of tea and a big fattening mars bar and still it does not make me question myself.
I do think this is quite odd and there are probably a number of factors for why I feel this way but I am going to suggest it is how these high-end fashion magazines portray the individuals within their pages to look nothing but 'beautiful'. I have seen these magazines use plus-size models and to me they look the same as if they were Kate Moss because the photographer has celebrated the person in front of the lens rather than criticising it. Do not get me wrong I am not naive I know there is a thing called photoshop but it goes on everywhere and I don't think the main image is completely lost (I hope not anyway).
We need to celebrate who we are and all aim to show the beauty within and not aim for slutty, sexy, shy, fit or anything else we might be told we must be.

Thank Crunchie it is Friday

Can not believe it is Friday already as it has been a busy week. On Wednesday night I was back to French class after the 2 week break for Easter. It was kind of hard trying to get back into the way of things, I really need to focus hard on during the week revision. It was good though to be back to see everyone in the class and catch up but it was a little embarrassing because I had totally forgotten about the articles in the paper until Paul announced 'I didn't know we had a celebrity in our class'. I could have died with embarrassment but it wasn't too bad, they even joked about asking for my autograph.
I am excited about tomorrow as it is my first day volunteering down in re: vintage down royal avenue in Belfast, it should be fun as it is a fantastic shop. If you haven't already been you should check it out, it is the closest vintage shop I have seen that markets to the mainstream public. Trouble is I am worried I might become attached to too many things and only get depressed when they have to be sold.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A few sniffles...

I Apologise if this blog post has a few mistakes or doesn't make much sense, struggling with my hay fever at the moment so trying to balance using a tissue and typing at the same time. Despite what the stereotype is I do struggle with multi-tasking.
Did everyone enjoy Vintage Sunday at The Empire? If you were not there you missed loads, just check out Frock Around The Clock's blog and you'll see! It was a gorgeous day just perfect to do a bit of vintage shopping, I unfortunately am on a strict shopping diet but I still managed to pick up on a few finds on the lo lo's house stall.
I just hope at the next Frock Around the Clock I am off this strict diet and can nab myself something exciting and guilt-free.
PICTURES: Purchases at Vintage Fair and Paloma Faith album sleeve cover (cd was a present for birthday)

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Blackberry Stone

Well I have now finally turned 22 and I have to say it feels a bit strange as every birthday that passes is another year away from childhood innocence. Though I am not complaining as I had a great day eating quite a lot of teddy bear chocolate cake (pictured) and then I went to see Laura Marling perform in Spring & Airbrake in Belfast which was amazing.
The place was packed and it was the first time I had actually heard any of her songs (I was there on behalf of eve) but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. So much so that I had to rush out and get her album today and I have been humming the songs ever since.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Making Way for the New

It's my birthday tomorrow, I am going to be the scary number of 22. It is funny how I seem a lot more mature since my 21st in some ways and in others I feel so young.
I've just finished taking my number '21' keyring of my keys. Not only is a goodbye to the year but an official goodbye to my love life as it is the only reminder I have left of the ex as it is the one gift I kept from him.
It's scary to look back at my birthday last year as I was living with the ex in between living up at University, I had booked myself in for a hair appointment (I always feel fabulous after visiting the hairdressers) and when I came back home (his) he greeted me with a massive chocolate cake (heaven), a bunch of flowers and loads of presents. I opened my presents and for one of them he had wrapped a travel guide to Paris up and in it placed 50 euros telling me my 'real' present was we were going to Paris (the place I want to visit most in the world) after I had finished with my studying and was back home for good. He gave me a hug and told me I was no longer his little baby but his little lady now, and we went for a fancy dinner and then met up with friends to go bowling. Three months later I was carrying my bags out of his, with a broken heart and only film images of the Eiffel Tower.
Why am I telling you this, I am not really sure but I think it needs to be said to show that having a birthday at the age of 22 and single is not the end of the world but only the beginning. Looking back I do not regret that birthday or my relationship, just my views have changed. For my younger self that birthday was what love for me symbolised, I couldn't have been happier but looking back it was just things and words. Everlasting love and happiness is the things in life that are expressed everyday without you knowing, a simple smile or just knowing that no matter how 'rough' things become you can always rely on someone.
The sad thing is I have yet to find this with someone other than a family member and I don't know if I ever will but I am not going to worry my 22 year old btm off (or my 82 year old btm if it takes that long) because life is for living and I plan to make the most of it!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Problem with Guys my own Age

I have had just had coffee with an old school male friend and although it was nice to catch up I couldn't help feeling that I could easily be having a conversation with my younger brother. It's not his fault and I did have fun, I think maybe I'm just old-fashioned or a bit of an odd-ball (maybe both) but I like a guy to be a lot more mature than me, to be knowledgeable and be assured in life. I find it hard to deal with the sarcastic toilet humour that so many guys from the ages of 13 to their mid 20s seem to adopt, to me it is just a waste of words.
Do not get me wrong though I like a guy with a good sense of humour and who does not take himself too seriously, in fact I think this is the most important thing. I just don't want to be sitting telling a guy my future plans without him making some comment which belittles me in a second (whether that is his intention or not).
Believe me I am not perfect myself (just ask the ex) I still have yet to figure out how the oven works and I have a habit of collecting things particularly magazines. I always leave my high heels scattered over the floor and have to be fed regularly especially when travelling or I get car sick. Through all this though I still dream one day that a man will except my little quirks. Will listen when I want to be smart and talk literature but also acknowledge when I sometimes don't want to watch a film higher than a certificate 12 because I don't want to see any sex or violence.
I admit I am a bit of an oxymoron which is why maybe dating a guy 6 years older than me didn't automatically help. Maybe it has nothing to do with age but a love of common conflicting interests. Does anyone have any theories: is a guy's age ever a factor in a relationship meltdown? Would anyone ever date anyone younger for instance?
I find love and relationships a very interesting topic, not always pleasant but interesting none the less!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Sunday, I definitely have had too much to eat with Sunday dinner and all those chocolates. Though the funny thing is my chocolate Crunchie egg sitting on the shelf in the living room has never looked so appealing (why do we crave food even when we are full?).
It was great having such a nice day it meant that I could actually pick whatever I wanted out of my closest without my mum commenting how inappropriate it may be (I don't tend to do practical rainy weather clothes). So I decided to grab the above sparkly vintage dress which is actually very figure forgiving as it glides over the body as supposed to clinging to it (which helps today). I haven't got much else to say as I have been having one of those lazy Sundays but it gives me plenty of time to relax for the next Vintage Fair next Sunday. Can't Wait! Remember to check out the Frock Around the Clock blog for details at

Buying into Fashion

Isn't funny how as consumers we often buy into fashion brands without realising it or not knowing much about the designer or label? It is simply its' allure of being 'popular' that captivates us.
For example yesterday I was in a well known 'bargain' shop and came across a glass bottle of Evian water designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for last year - rows and rows of them for 50p.
It got me thinking of fashion's influence as this shop is hardly Gaultier's market audience in fact I would go as far to say that it would be a place where fashion is the last thing on people's minds but here it is a year later from commerical marketing, sitting on a shelf in this shop.
It reminded me so much of the Devil Wears Prada where Andy (Anne Hathaway) is reminded by her Editor-in-Chief played by Meryl Streep that even people who think they are anti-fashion are influenced by the fashion editors and designers no matter how much they wish to deny it.
In fact it is hard to imagine a time when fashion was not a major influence on the general public.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Some other news...

I am yet again in the County Down Spectator this week but it is only in the 'what's on your ipod' section. It is just a list of my 10 current favourite tracks so no need to rush out to buy it but if you already have it you can keep a look out.
Also I have signed up on myspace though I'll admit I have yet to work out how to use it but if you have a page feel free to add me, I am at .

Arty Farty Vintage Snaps

Here are a few snaps taken the other day by my good friends Sy and Lauren in Lauren's art studio. Pictured is one of the vintage dress purchases from the other day, with my last Frock Around the Clock purchase (pink clutch) and my 1930s bracelet bought from (addicted to that website).
P.S. Don't forget everyone that the next Vintage Sunday at The Empire is on the11th April which gives you plenty of time to try and start collecting for your Spring/Summer wardrobe!