Sunday, 24 January 2010

It's a man's world

It really is the time for men's fashion at the minute - to keep up to date with the latest shows check out even if you are not overly interested in male fashion it is a great opportunity to check out men running about in their pants! Although in all seriousness I feel male fashion is not given as much publicity as it should especially here in Northern Ireland - I would love to see a Belfast Fashion show completely dedicated to male audiences like Westcoast cooler Belfast Fashion Week is for women. Anybody else feel the same?

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Oh to be a doll

Check out New York based designer Jason Wu's fashion doll collection .As you flick through the gorgeous designs it is hard to suppress the envy that you felt when you first heard Barbie was getting her own set of Louboutins. In all honestly though these designs are gorgeous and with Jason Wu's fashion line currently on it's way into the U.K. it won't be long before we all feeling like dolls (in a good way).

Friday, 22 January 2010


I have to admit it I have a serious addiction to heels, I can't walk past a pair without getting goosebumps. I just bought a gorgeous new red pair today and my justification for buying them; they were on sale. I know it is wrong to waste your money away on things you really don't need but when they give you so much pleasure can it still be counted as wasteful? As Marylin Monroe was once quoted as saying "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot" so really you could just say I'm only doing my duty and paying the man who invented heels back. It is only fair.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Vintage inspiration

I interviewed the lovely Eve Brannon of for eve magazine today, she was really nice and I am now completely fascinated by her designs especially her 'novel dress' which she gave herself the challenge to make out of one whole book - no more, no less. It struck me how when I began this blog in May I hadn't a clue about vintage apart from it was something Kate Moss championed but now as I carry on trying to pursue a career in fashion journalism it is the one aspect of fashion I keep coming back to and falling in love with over and over again. I can't wait until the next Frock Around the Clock on the 7th February (not long now) - will be on the look out for some vintage sunnies and cute spring dresses.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ford's Supermodel

Check out the coverage on Ford's Supermodel of the World 2010 competition it really shows that beauty comes in all forms and it is all about being individual, something us mere mortals can maybe take some satisfaction from.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

A single suit

I've just read Ryan Gilbey's interview with Colin Firth and Tom Ford in The Sunday Times this week on Ford's directorial debut A single Man. I was amazed to read about the level of detail Ford put into his characters, having a suit made from Savile Row for Firth's character George and stitching his name in the inside despite it never being shown on camera. Some may argue what a waste of money and time but I simply think it shows how much clothes and the way we treat them represent us as people. Firth seems to agree stating in the interview that 'The suit told me who George was'. It just goes to show whether we make a conscious or subconscious decision to dress the way we do we are still saying something about our image and character.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Fashion literature

Check out this link which shows fashion is literately sometimes a work of art.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fashion can't fix everything

I'm just after watching the new BBC series 'Material Girl' which looks set to be a massive hit. I was struck though by a line in it that commented fashion can't cure all problems which got me thinking about how true this statement actually is. Take the last 6-7 months for example in my life - I got my heartbroken by a guy I naively was convinced I was going to marry one day, at a bit of a loss after finishing uni and the one thing that saved me was fashion (a mixture of retail therapy, discovering a love of vintage, helping out at fashion shows, striving for a career as a fashion journalist). All this is great and I do feel fantastic but I still have those insecurities about entering the big bad world by myself and not having someone to shelter behind when the going gets tough. Really fashion doesn't help cure or fix anything but it is a (to use an American phrase) 'kick-ass' way of pretending everything is okay and to tell you the truth I think I prefer it than having someone to hide behind. Yeah I honestly do, so 2010 here I come!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Chanel surfing

I've just been having a look at the Chanel surfboards online. Tempted to conquer my fear of drowning and falling to learn surfing this year. Although really with a board that pretty and expensive would you ever let it go near the water? I wouldn't but seriously maybe I should look into surf lessons as it does look fun if you ignore all the dangers. Just wish I'd thought of this when I was at uni for three years beside the sea.

A gold crisis

Just saw another advert from a company encouraging people to throw away their gold for cash, it is really disheartening. There is more beauty in old jewellery than new and the thought of people throwing away their precious family pieces just so they can be melted down and go on something like a new piece of Argos jewellery is unbearable to think about. I know everyone is strapped for cash at the moment but please hold on to your gold as in a few years time you might regret it, maybe not financially but sentimentally.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Same difference

Isn't it amazing that high street stores aren't sued more often? I've just came across these Christain Loubtain heels on 's sale ( and I can't get over how similar they are to the pair I had to leave reluctantly behind on New Years eve at the NEXT sale. The only differences that I can remember are the NEXT one's were more of a copper tone and their sole was a purple not Loubtain red. Just a shame I can't afford either pair of shoes at the moment!

Lara Stone for Louis Vuitton

Check out this Grazia magazine exclusive on the set of the new Vuitton campaign.

Monday, 11 January 2010

A big little issue

I have just read the comments on The New York Times' blog over the V magazine size issue. I understand where some of the people are coming from but some of the comments are plain unnecessary. Yes sometimes stylists just get it wrong trying to dress a certain model's body but that is not an invitation to say hurtful comments on someone's figure (curvy or skinny). It is not the model's body shape that is the 'problem' but the clothes that have been chosen. To bring the size of someone into the equation in a negative life is for me tabloid journalism not fashion. Lagerfeld and Wintour have made comments on size publicly but Wintour in the September Issue documentary also commented on the skinny Sienna Miller's hair and face showing that for these powerful fashion individuals it is really not a weight issue but a strife for an unattainable perfection. For me it is the blurry and too much contrast photos that I love in my magazines as it shows imperfection which to me is beautiful. One thing I dislike is the invention of photoshop - I am not photogenic at all but I'd rather have a bad photo of me than a photoshoped one as although I might finally look as hot as Kate Moss, I'll know it's not me and that is what takes the fantasy away. Really our minds can never be tricked so please try and embrace the body you have and one day we all might be able to convince these perfection hunters that imperfections are the most perfect thing in the world.

Size is NEVER the issue

Check out this link at ( for their exclusive preview of the V magazine's size issue which looks to be revolutionary and amazing in terms of expressing how fashion has no shape mould. This picture is from Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld's shoot entitled 'Coco a Go-Go' with the magazine. My main reason for choosing this image is not because how Lagerfeld has simply proven himself wrong that size definitely doesn't matter but because Miss Dirty Martini seems to be having an absolute blast and who wouldn't running around wearing the gorgeous Chanel and clinging on to it's famous motif? I know I would!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A fashionable film

I am just back from seeing the film NINE directed by Robert Marshall and I have to say that it reminded me why I ever had a love for film. Great cinematography, fantastic costumes, amazing set, perfect direction and poignant acting. Daniel day Lewis's Guido Contini reminded me very much of Jean-Luc Godard - the dark glasses, the hat, wife a previous leading lady, no script preferring to observe his actors from a distant-script starts when camera begins to role. There is also a scene where Claudia played by Nicole Kidman lifts Guido's hat and places it on her head very much like Ollie in Bande a part. I realise that this all probably sounds a bit daft to anyone who hasn't studied film but don't let me put you off, no matter who you are you'll enjoy this film.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fashion from the heart

I just thought I'd take a moment to explain to you what my passion for fashion involves. I may seem shallow talking about clothes, accessories and shoes like they are the most important thing in the world but believe me this is not the case. Fashion over my 21 years has become a love affair not my life. I also think the industry has so much to offer - there is nothing like the thrill of opening your first Vogue or Elle and being transported to a world of fantasy mixed with reality - a world were to express your emotions is okay, were there are no restraints. Or to buy your first pair of shoes (in my case heels) that make you feel all grown-up, to wear that 'lucky' item of clothing until it is falling apart and still get comments on it, to feel your something unique in a world were we are all expected to act the same. To a look at another person with admiration for there uniqueness (for the record money doesn't buy style) and share in the love of that jacket that is falling apart, those cute bargain booties or an old necklace of a deceased grandmother. This is why vintage has become so powerful in recent years regarding fashion - fashion ultimately should be a love of clothes and most importantly life - and what better why to express a life than through clothes or possessions that have had a life before you. Fashion is a movement, we are the people that make it and to do that successfully one must 'love thy neighbour' and their ''uniqueness'' because we're all in this together.

Friday, 8 January 2010

All tied up

The Philip Treacy killer heels might be the sexiest shoes right now but these Viktor & Rolf bow heels are definitely the shoes I want if 2010 becomes the year I own my first pair of design footwear. They symbolise what in my opinion the perfect (if it existed) woman represents-feisty (5inch heel) yet feminine (the gorgeous bows). I think this shoe is definitely a keeper-I can't see it ever not be fashionably appropriate.
Photo link:

Lacy Racy

Is it just me or are these Valentino heels designed by milliner Philip Treacy (who created SJP's hat for the Sex and the City movie Premier) one of the sexiest shoes in fashion that has been around in a while?

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Flying high

I don't know whether the cold weather has created a temporary insanity but reading my current copy of Grazia which is poignantly titled the 'size you' issue it is not the fashion or positive body images that have stuck in my head but the fact that Sadie Frost does trapeze. Is it the inner pole dancer in me or does dangling upside down on a rope sound quite appealing?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Raiding the dressing-up box

Many critics of fashion in the recession have claimed that designers are just raiding 'the any trend will do' style box in the sky. Whether this is true or not (I believe it isn't) I think this present moment in the fashion world is giving us a chance to reclaim our youth and raid our metaphorical style boxes. I for one at the moment have a passion for hats and an extreme longing for a certain feathered topshop cape. When I would have an 'appropriate' occasion to wear them is another matter but if there are any rules to style they are made to be broken so if you ever see a random girl walking down the street in her 5-inch-heels, feather cape and bowler hat don't panic it's only me.

P.s. Despite having a craving for the pink feathered topshop cape I also think this one at asos is pretty funky.

A little tweet

I have changed twitter accounts due to not remembering my previous password so now I am fashion_revival at twitter!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Don't call me baby just call me elle (my new year list)

1. To learn and hold a basic conversation in french
2. Start up a savings account and put money in it!
3. Visit friends in Scotland, England and Wales
4. Learn how to play the drums
5. To not always act sensibly (take risks)
6. Travel to Paris
7. To never forget who my real friends are
8. Have a fancy dress party
9. Try a (virgin) cocktail
10. To look after my body (eat healthy and have toned arms ,tums and bum)
11. Learn something new every day
12. Achieve or do something out of the ordinary that I could never predict

13. Pass my driving test
14. Sing karaoke

Please note - there may be more things to add to the list