Friday, 31 July 2009

Belated pictures

My favourite graduation picture of my Nanny and I, a photo of me taken before graduation not looking over amused as was worried about having everything ready in time. Some pics of my clothes that I never previously uploaded, belts and scarf, and finally the A & C necklace I bought two years ago with the money given to me after my gran passed away.
P.S. Treated myself to the brand new 'me' bag today (a bardot) and have to say I think it has been worth it! Will upload a photo of it in the next few days and let you know if it brings me any luck.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

What becomes of the broken hearted?

Well I eventually have a valid excuse for not writing anything in a while, I have recently broken up with the boyfriend and my fashion sense for a good bit was off the radar (hoodie, jeans, flats and no make-up anyone?). The negatives are I have never felt so much pain in my life and I have been the one facing the awkward questions of 'where is the hubby today?' on the plus side however I can spend my money on whatever I want, I can do my fashion degree without worrying about anyone and I get to shop, shop, shop with the true friends that have stood by me through the sobbing and self-loathing and bitterness that I have been told is all normal. Oh and I only have one wedding to go to now which means only one outfit to get but one which is show stopping gorgeous. I am really liking at the moment which have a dozen nautical dresses that I'd love. Oh and these KG boots and a new hair do to boot. A brand new me, a brand new young woman who's trying to find the 'real' me. I do still plan to put up some graduation picks at some point probably not the ones of the boyfriend and I looking happy though as it still hurts to look at them. My friend Sy and I are planning to get snappy happy soon just have to work out locations and clothes. I think that is about it (well all I can think of now) although I don't think I mentioned but next Thursday I am starting a six week polefit course to tone up the old body that has been neglected of late and I am somehow doubting how good looking a 5ft 3in size 10 woman with short legs can look in tight leggings, a clingy top with her leg wrapped around a pole.

P.S. What becomes of the broken hearted?........we shop!!!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Flowers, ripped tights and computers

Well, it's been nearly a month since I've last updated the blog but I have good reasons. The first being the home Internet completely broke down and was only fixed yesterday. The second being I was working so much (10 days in a row) as I was helping out the boyfriend's mum (a florist) in a new wee adventure (which made me appreciate flowers a lot more even if my hayfever tablet was continually put to the test) while working my Saturday job in a school uniform shop (not extremely glamourous). And finally the graduation which was a drama in it's self though I am pleased to admit I didn't trip however I have been told that I did dart across the stage quite quickly (for photos). I went with clear nails, the dress from rise fashion, river island new shoes which my mum commented on being very Carrie Bradshaw and my green and navy necklace which ended up complimenting my gown ironically. I went with my hair having ghd curls which left the car journey up to graduation not the most pleasant with 'we are not going to make it' and 'I'm not getting out of the car because I've just ripped the only two pairs of tights I've brought with me' (how the boyfriend puts up with me I'll never know). Anyway it was a blast, the weather was gorgeous (if a little too hot) and the food was lovely in the hotel we ate at. The next day being extremely knackered the boyfriend and I went to Ikea and B & Q which on reflexation seems a bit daft. However went to Ikea for a Television stand for the boyfriend's pad and came back with a magazine rack for the fashion magazines that are currently taken over the apartment and which a certain someone (i.e. me) refuses to get rid of. In relation to more fashion-y news I have just fallen in love with new gladiator sandals out of river island and as I do not currently own a pair of flip flops or summer shoes I see them as a first priority. Also loving Time for new clothes ( tempted to buy a black lace dress for the wedding evening reception on the 1st August though not sure if you can wear lace or black, anyone know? I think that is about it well all I can remember for the meantime, will have some graduation pics up soon.