Thursday, 30 July 2009

What becomes of the broken hearted?

Well I eventually have a valid excuse for not writing anything in a while, I have recently broken up with the boyfriend and my fashion sense for a good bit was off the radar (hoodie, jeans, flats and no make-up anyone?). The negatives are I have never felt so much pain in my life and I have been the one facing the awkward questions of 'where is the hubby today?' on the plus side however I can spend my money on whatever I want, I can do my fashion degree without worrying about anyone and I get to shop, shop, shop with the true friends that have stood by me through the sobbing and self-loathing and bitterness that I have been told is all normal. Oh and I only have one wedding to go to now which means only one outfit to get but one which is show stopping gorgeous. I am really liking at the moment which have a dozen nautical dresses that I'd love. Oh and these KG boots and a new hair do to boot. A brand new me, a brand new young woman who's trying to find the 'real' me. I do still plan to put up some graduation picks at some point probably not the ones of the boyfriend and I looking happy though as it still hurts to look at them. My friend Sy and I are planning to get snappy happy soon just have to work out locations and clothes. I think that is about it (well all I can think of now) although I don't think I mentioned but next Thursday I am starting a six week polefit course to tone up the old body that has been neglected of late and I am somehow doubting how good looking a 5ft 3in size 10 woman with short legs can look in tight leggings, a clingy top with her leg wrapped around a pole.

P.S. What becomes of the broken hearted?........we shop!!!!

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