Sunday, 28 February 2010

Embracing the Pear

A lot has been written lately on the return of the hourglass figure and how it is extremely good for women that no longer is fashion and advertising where the slim and boyish figures rule but 'real women' are now back in the 'game'. I have a slight problem with this as what about the pears - the women who are bottom heavy? I myself am a pear and I don't think in my 21-years I have seen a positive role model for the shape even programmes like 'How to Look Good Naked' presented by Gok Wan encourage us to disguise our figures to make us look like the Monroe Hourglass figure. There was a very brief time in the late 90s/ early 00s that Jennifer Lopez's pear-shaped body was celebrated but even then she never reached the dizzy heights of being an ultimate sex symbol, it seems for me that our only options are to disguise ourselves as being ultra-slim or to pretend our boobs are bigger than they are to give us a place in this crazy world. I therefore would not get too excited over the prospect of real women being treated fairly on the catwalk until ALL shapes and forms are celebrated (this includes the apple). However I would very much like to be proven wrong on this point so if anybody knows anyone who is a positive role model for the pear or even the apple please get in touch as I genuinely would like to know one.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


I was at the Ulster hall last night reporting for eve magazine on winterbase the live art and music fair. I had a blast, the place was packed and the art and music on show was amazing. I totally fell in love with a Guy Mckinley painting of a woman on a telephone although at £1, 500 it was a little out of my price range but I bet the person that bought or buys it finds it well worth the money as I know it would make me smile every morning.

Happy belated pancake day

I eventually got around to making pancakes today unfortunately none of them were eatable so I think from now on I will be buying pancakes (and passing them off as my own). On more exciting news I've just found out that Vera Wang will be here in Belfast in March to judge a competition in the University of Ulster to win a placement in her London fashion house. A little bit jealous of these lucky fashion students but what an amazing opportunity right here on our door step it just shows that the fashion world is really opening it's doors to Northern Ireland a lot more now - we are no longer outside the fashion box, we are in it.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A Sense of Achievement

Isn't it funny how it is the little things in life that give us a sense of achievement. I've just completed my advanced polefit class and feel really pleased with my certificate of my success. I think one should hold on to these little moments of achievements in life and never be afraid to try something new.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone is having a great day whether they are single or in a relationship. I am spending my day catching up on things on my to do list and making fifteens while not worrying about the calories. I went and saw Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' last night in the QFT (Queen's film theatre) and I have to say it was absolutely amazing - he has made a poetic film about a relationship that concentrates on the loss more than the characters' sexualities which is what so easily could have happened. There was plenty of male nudity but it is far from tacky as Ford runs the camera over Firth and Hoult's bodies like a Roman sculpture. This is definitely not a film about homosexuality but one of life - the fears and worries that stop us from truly living and the way each and every one of us reacts to these little blips in different ways. I have to say I would have loved to have been on the film set as everyone looked so stylish in their 1960s gear - if only it was like that now.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Universal language

Flicking through my current copy of Parisian Vogue I am suddenly struck by the adverts and it occurs to me how powerful a communicator fashion is in the world. It does not matter what copy of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire or other major fashion magazine house but the words 'Chanel', 'Dior', 'Alexander McQueen', 'Vera Wang', 'Donna Karan' are all spelt and pronounced the same. I know the last three names aren't the best examples of this point as they are all people's full names but fashion has succeed fully in advertising were others have not, for example over here in the U.K. we currently eat chocolates and drive cars that go by different names else where, the adverts for these products contain different people to suit more to the 'look' of the country they are situated in. The reason for this the world of fashion is universal, there are no 'looks' for one particular country - fashion is the world.


Lee (Alexander) McQueen's passing is nothing but tragic. Although I sometimes found his catwalk shows a little frightening (who wouldn't have a panic attack with the prospect of your lipstick running past your lip line?) his designs were cut to perfection, the colours were right every season and he made the skull and cross bone motif ideally romantic as supposed to something to be feared. He might not be here personally but McQueen will definitely always been in fashion for every season yet to come.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Double standard fashion

I hate to always be giving off about Northern Ireland's attitude to fashion but I have realised lately there seems to be a few unspoken rules on dress here, for instance if someone decides to wear red lipstick, a Beret or a petticoat to walk to the shops in the afternoon they have lost more than a few marbles in the eyes of the people they encounter on their journey. I have experienced this awkwardness on a small scale by wearing heels pretty much most of the time - for instance when recently I was at a well known supermarket chain that I don't go to often I or my shoes have never get so much looks in a short space of time by people of all ages. They were plain black courts so I wasn't expecting anyone to notice. I suppose I wouldn't mind as much because I do sometimes realise you can be too overdressed and be a bit of an odd-ball wearing 5-inch-heels at 10am to go to the local shops for a pint of milk however it has gotten me annoyed that somehow this is unacceptable dress and wearing the noticeably false tan look has become a normal acceptable part of society. Why can't we let both sides have equal power in Northern Ireland street style; fashion should not be politics. Let us wear our petticoats with pride in public and if someone wants to use a whole tin of fake tan let them we all have equal rights.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Frocking Around

Frock around the Clock at the Holiday Inn in Belfast was yesterday and it was brilliant - I think every time I go I fall in love with vintage more. Here are pictures of some of my finds (the bird necklace is from two fairs ago but thought he was still worth putting up) : the clutch is Shilton international, 1960s/70s I was told but to be honest I don't really care as I just fell in love with it - the colour and texture, the blue compact is stratton and I am so pleased I got it as have been looking for the right compact for ages, the purse is a reworked piece by lo lo's house. I did also get a gorgeous leopard sparkly bracelet that matches perfect with the brooch I bought before but unfortunately because of the stones it is too hard to photograph and do it justice but this is definitely my favourite piece.