Sunday, 28 February 2010

Embracing the Pear

A lot has been written lately on the return of the hourglass figure and how it is extremely good for women that no longer is fashion and advertising where the slim and boyish figures rule but 'real women' are now back in the 'game'. I have a slight problem with this as what about the pears - the women who are bottom heavy? I myself am a pear and I don't think in my 21-years I have seen a positive role model for the shape even programmes like 'How to Look Good Naked' presented by Gok Wan encourage us to disguise our figures to make us look like the Monroe Hourglass figure. There was a very brief time in the late 90s/ early 00s that Jennifer Lopez's pear-shaped body was celebrated but even then she never reached the dizzy heights of being an ultimate sex symbol, it seems for me that our only options are to disguise ourselves as being ultra-slim or to pretend our boobs are bigger than they are to give us a place in this crazy world. I therefore would not get too excited over the prospect of real women being treated fairly on the catwalk until ALL shapes and forms are celebrated (this includes the apple). However I would very much like to be proven wrong on this point so if anybody knows anyone who is a positive role model for the pear or even the apple please get in touch as I genuinely would like to know one.

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