Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Double standard fashion

I hate to always be giving off about Northern Ireland's attitude to fashion but I have realised lately there seems to be a few unspoken rules on dress here, for instance if someone decides to wear red lipstick, a Beret or a petticoat to walk to the shops in the afternoon they have lost more than a few marbles in the eyes of the people they encounter on their journey. I have experienced this awkwardness on a small scale by wearing heels pretty much most of the time - for instance when recently I was at a well known supermarket chain that I don't go to often I or my shoes have never get so much looks in a short space of time by people of all ages. They were plain black courts so I wasn't expecting anyone to notice. I suppose I wouldn't mind as much because I do sometimes realise you can be too overdressed and be a bit of an odd-ball wearing 5-inch-heels at 10am to go to the local shops for a pint of milk however it has gotten me annoyed that somehow this is unacceptable dress and wearing the noticeably false tan look has become a normal acceptable part of society. Why can't we let both sides have equal power in Northern Ireland street style; fashion should not be politics. Let us wear our petticoats with pride in public and if someone wants to use a whole tin of fake tan let them we all have equal rights.

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