Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Whole Lot of Clothes

I was at the Ulster museum ( http://www.nmni.com/ ) today with friends and I was really pleased to see fashion for a change really being taking seriously in terms of history. Cannot believe that Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen pieces were included here in a little museum in Belfast. Just shows you how far Northern Ireland in terms of fashion has really taken off, it really made my day.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Fancy French

Just a quick post to reaffirm my love with France and in particular French Vogue. As I was in the newsagents this morning I couldn't not leave with the June copy of Parisian Vogue as Kate Moss starred out at me in her blue swimming pool - almost unrecognisable though her 'Kate' necklace giving her away slightly. And as I got it home and flicked the pages I felt automatically at home as not only did it contain Kate but an article on the intriguing Mitford Sisters, a feature on Karen Elson, and the Summer school advertised that I was looking at before Christmas but my bank balance just cannot afford (run by ifm if anyone wants to know).
I seriously think I was meant to be born French though my waistline stubbornly disagrees.

Here Comes the Bride

Well it was another fantastic Frock Around the Clock event yesterday up at Malone House, all thanks to the wonderful Becky Moore and her team. The historical site was packed full of goodies from wedding dresses, to gowns to sparkly jewellery and wonderful hats plus much much more.
There were plenty of excited brides-to-be and a few grooms as well and I managed to even spot a few gems myself even though I am far from walking up any aisle anytime soon! All in All it was a great event and it has only got those vintage shoppers more excited for the next event happening at the Empire on Sunday 4th July.
So brace yourselves, vintage...Here I come!
P.S. There was also a lovely musician called Dave Martin singing Michael Buble on the day which made it all the more romantic.
Pictures: A few un-bridal pieces I picked up yesterday and the flyer for the musician photographed on a few LPs out of my parents' record collection including The Who's Odds and Sods and the Boomtown Rat's The Fine Art of Surfacing. For photographs of the lovely event remember to check out http://www.decadencevintageclothing.co.uk and http://sugahfix.com/

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Vintage Bridal Fair

Just a quick reminder that Frock Around the Clock's Bridal Fair is on tomorrow in Malone House in Belfast between 12-5pm. Be sure to check it out even if you are not walking down the aisle anytime soon. I cannot wait!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Powerful Images

By now you should know I am a bit of a magazine addict so as I was clearing through my magazines today I came across this photo in an old Vogue of Kate Moss taken by Mario Testino in 2005.
I just love it because it is feminine, masculine, rocky, sexy and a bit perverted but it is Kate Moss at her best. The woman could wear or do anything and make it look amazing.
I know with many Kate is a bit hit or miss but since I was a teenager and first started buying Vogue and ELLE etc, she was always a model that stood out for me especially her work with Testino and Nick Knight.
I just do not think I'll ever get bored of her photo shoots because she just has a presence and an ability to me to make the mundane come to life.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Girly Night Out

Just a quick post to say if you are going to this tomorrow night at The Empire http://www.sugahfix.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1288&Itemid=78 I hope yous have fun and let me know how you get on. I regret that I cannot make it but will definitely be there next month with a few of the girls. Tomorrow night instead I'm going to my friend's end of year show at the University of Ulster which should be a blast so if you are stuck for something to do tomorrow - you have no excuses because there are two happening places to be.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Summer Essentials

Here are just a few of my summer jewellery essentials - I try to mix the on trend (perspex) and neutral colours with the bright and colourful as my wardrobe has not the most broad range of colours. Therefore I try to use my jewellery (and nail polish) to add a bit of colour and personality.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Elle j'adore and the city

Well it has been an eventful few weeks on the love life front for a number of reasons and not in a good way.
1. Someone's ex has been ignoring them the past two times they have bumped into each other (turning their back quite literally once they've seen them). Not making the situation of them briefly getting back together last month any easier to bear.
2. Then there was the brief stalker situation where a random middle-aged man thought it was appropriate to yell 'what a beauty' and 'just gorgeous' after someone in the street on two different occasions and two different cities!
3. And finally we have the boyfriend who has a good ol' dose of the fibs - continually lying about his whereabouts to both his girlfriend and his friends for what seems to be for no apparent reason.

I think that is all for now folks but I must stress that all these dilemmas aren't necessarily me but advice would be very much appreciated and I'll pass it on to the concerned parties.

ELLE UK Twlight

The new issue of Elle UK is out in shops now, I've already received my subscription copy and handy leopard print Reiss bag.
Be sure to check out cover star Kristen Stewart's interview which really gives an insight into the life behind the camera.
In Little Black Blog Rumi from fashiontoast.com reveals her inspirations, and you get to have a noisy around Parisian fashion designer Vanessa Bruno's home in My Space. Plus lots, lots more so be sure to take a look.

Picture credits:
photography by Matthias Vriens McGrath/ courtesy of UK ELLE Magazine
Fashion by Anne-Marie Curtis
Cover Star Kristen Stewart

The full interview and shoot appears in the July issue of ELLE magazine (UK) out now.

A New Direction

I am going to try something new on the blog, I am going to have a weekly or fortnightly post called elle j'adore and the city which will focus on personal and relationship issues/concerns or just simply events of my friends or mine lives (I'll be clever and not let you know who is who) so then I can clearly focus on fashion the rest of the time. I'll give it a go anyway and sure if you have any suggestions please let me know.