Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Elle j'adore and the city

Well it has been an eventful few weeks on the love life front for a number of reasons and not in a good way.
1. Someone's ex has been ignoring them the past two times they have bumped into each other (turning their back quite literally once they've seen them). Not making the situation of them briefly getting back together last month any easier to bear.
2. Then there was the brief stalker situation where a random middle-aged man thought it was appropriate to yell 'what a beauty' and 'just gorgeous' after someone in the street on two different occasions and two different cities!
3. And finally we have the boyfriend who has a good ol' dose of the fibs - continually lying about his whereabouts to both his girlfriend and his friends for what seems to be for no apparent reason.

I think that is all for now folks but I must stress that all these dilemmas aren't necessarily me but advice would be very much appreciated and I'll pass it on to the concerned parties.

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