Saturday, 19 September 2009

Frock around the clock

On Sunday 13th September at Frock Around the clock it was amazing, I think I have a real craving for vintage now and can appreciate it's credible influence on the fashion industry more. I wasn't able to get a scarf but I got a gorgeous funky watch necklace that winds up, a tiger crystal style brooch and a chunky blue/black ring that looks like it has been made from a brooch (pictures will follow later). On other news I will now be taking the advanced polefit lessons (lets hope my fragile arms are up for the challenge!). I will be helping out back stage at Fall for Fashion organised by Style Academy Modelling Agency ( this Tuesday and Wednesday I am so excited can't wait. It will be great to see what Northern Irish fashion can really offer in terms of competing with it's UK counterparts. My blogger has been playing up of late which is why posts have been non-existent but I will keep it updated more often and will keep the photos more regular (trying to work blogger on my phone now which isn't going too good but we'll try). Keep feeling fabulous and remember style is what you make it and I'll keep things updated regularly from now on (unless my account has other ideas).

Friday, 11 September 2009

The september issue

As in the fashion magazine world where the September issue is the biggest in depth magazine of the year, I am trying to fill up my life up this September to start hopefully pleasant new beginnings. On Wednesday it was my first night of my NOCN French Level 1 course which seems to be a promising course, more practical than school french. You learn pronunciation of the language and practical tips on how to read a menu in a restaurant etc. I am the youngest there but my class all seem really nice and so does the lecturer, and we have a coffee break half-way during the class (which can't be bad!). Also last night was the last night of Polefit beginners class, it was great but I won't know what to do on a Thursday nights now though there may be a possibility I am going back to do the intermediate class.On other news the Vintage fair is on Sunday and I am quite excited, it should be fun, I'd really like to find a nice scarf as it has been starting to get chilly lately and won't be long until we are all in our winter woollies so will be keeping my eyes peeled. I have also booked my tickets for Belfast Fashion Week ( which should be a great few nights out (I attended the master classes last year and they were superb and really got me motivated). Unfortunately due to finances and practicalities I won't be going to London Fashion Weekend in Somerset House ( which I am extremely gutted about especially since it is lfw's 25th anniversary but next year there will be no ifs or buts, I'll be going even if it is just me pottering along on my own. This year I will just appreciated our local fashion before I go and shop like mad internationally!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fashion shouldn't be about ME

I feel fashion needs to get away from the self-absorbed stigma it has been given. I started my blog as a means to get across my views on fashion in general (trends, designers, key pieces etc) but with personal circumstances changing (no longer being with now the ex-boyfriend something which I am still coming to terms with as a load of emotions hit me). I fear that unintentionally I may be talking about oneself too much something which I can say little to rectify apart from that when I started this blog I was self-assured of who I was and my views on fashion and my tastes. Then something in my life happened that has made me rethink things and although I don't think there has been a dramatic change I still think it is necessary to write down my thoughts to show I don't know all the answers (almost like an anti-fashion journalist). I am simply a fashion enthusiast that always seems to be two steps in front or two steps behind on the new fashion 'trends'. I believe style is someones identity and cannot be proved right or wrong (although some looks should come with a warning sticker). Dress for yourself, love your clothes, love your accessories and everything else will follow. There is no such thing thing as a fashion victim(well I hope not)!

P.S. Slight confession I bought POP magazine today for the first time which is quite bad since it is an extremely influential fashion and cultural staple and although I haven't read all of the small novel (it does have a lot of pages) so far I'm loving it's brave mix of going outside the norm of traditional (Vogue) fashion. However I will always love my Vogues' and Elles'!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Oh la, la

As all places are filled out on the dress making and tailoring course I had hoped to start in a few weeks I will now be learning French on a Wednesday night starting this week coming. I am both nervous and excited, I hope I take to the subject as it should be fun and hopefully now I can maybe organise a Paris trip sooner than I planned. On other news I have just finished Pattie Boyd's biography (the model and photographer who was both married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton). It was really interesting especially for the personal history and way of life in the 60s. I think for many the period is one of fascination as it was a global cultural event more dominate than movements that preceded it (punk, Brit pop etc). No new purchases this week as I've had to pay for the French course but as anyone knows who loves fashion it is not the 'new' that matters but what you do with the 'old'. Although I did come across this scarf on my web travels which I can't help but picture with my skinny legged white jeans and a crisp white shirt out of my closet and a nice plan brown belt to top it all off but then one can imagine. I have to listen to my own advice and accessorise with the 'old'!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Can't speak french

Nothing much to report today as feeling a bit under the weather with an ear infection. I had to come home from work today and go straight to bed where I think I will head after I write this post to be bright for tomorrow morning. ELLE magazine arrived in the post today so I have that to look forward to read when feeling better and my 1960s coin bracelet arrived as well so have that to inspect and enjoy more closely too. Lately I have been wondering if I could save on lessons and learn french from French vogue, I know it sounds quite ridiculous but I think I might give it a go until next year when I can afford the proper tuition. From about the age of seventeen/eighteen I have had a passion for France, despite never visiting the country (I was supposed to go to Paris this year as a birthday present but that is going to have to be postponed for a few years until I can save up the pennies to go and hopefully have someone to travel with as friends don't really share my passion for France. However this is probably a good thing as it gives me more time to learn the language). I think it all started with the fashion (surprise, surprise) and Jean-Luc Godard films particularly the ones Anna Karina stared in. I just think she is an amazing beauty to me she is Audrey Hepburn Esq but with more edge and an interesting character for study (my dissertation was on her and I have been encouraged to study a PhD on the topic as no books are available on her but I think my confidence needs to grow slightly in the subject before I take it to that level. It's just a pipe dream at the moment). She was the 60s french Hepburn that wouldn't be seen outta place marrying a Rolling Stone. Check out the following clip to see what I mean. I'd also highly recommend Godard as a director but for people not used to foreign films I'd give his films a few watches before you make your mind about them as I've found that his films I had liked the least have slowly but surely become my favourite.