Saturday, 19 September 2009

Frock around the clock

On Sunday 13th September at Frock Around the clock it was amazing, I think I have a real craving for vintage now and can appreciate it's credible influence on the fashion industry more. I wasn't able to get a scarf but I got a gorgeous funky watch necklace that winds up, a tiger crystal style brooch and a chunky blue/black ring that looks like it has been made from a brooch (pictures will follow later). On other news I will now be taking the advanced polefit lessons (lets hope my fragile arms are up for the challenge!). I will be helping out back stage at Fall for Fashion organised by Style Academy Modelling Agency ( this Tuesday and Wednesday I am so excited can't wait. It will be great to see what Northern Irish fashion can really offer in terms of competing with it's UK counterparts. My blogger has been playing up of late which is why posts have been non-existent but I will keep it updated more often and will keep the photos more regular (trying to work blogger on my phone now which isn't going too good but we'll try). Keep feeling fabulous and remember style is what you make it and I'll keep things updated regularly from now on (unless my account has other ideas).

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