Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shoe addictions, magazines, and internships

To say I have been busy at the moment, would be an understatement but I am certainly not complaining as it is keeping my mind of other things. I have haven't got time to explain all of it in this blog post but here are some photos of my new purchases both old and new; included is my vintage watch bought of Sharon Hay at 'Frock around the Clock'. My 1960s souvenir Italian coin bracelet, Laura Ashley purple 1980s lace tights,1960S sparkly black sequence oval clutch and my1960s Hong Kong gold evening bag all bought of Stardustonline.co.uk. Not forgetting my new red booties (even if my feet hurt in them!) and my grey avoca arm warmers (too kool for skool!). All photos are taken on top of my current copy of French Vogue, which one day I will be able to read even if the only thing that has stuck in my head so far from french class is the french word for grapefruit (pamplemousse, if anyone wants to know). I will update with news in next few days! x

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