Friday, 11 September 2009

The september issue

As in the fashion magazine world where the September issue is the biggest in depth magazine of the year, I am trying to fill up my life up this September to start hopefully pleasant new beginnings. On Wednesday it was my first night of my NOCN French Level 1 course which seems to be a promising course, more practical than school french. You learn pronunciation of the language and practical tips on how to read a menu in a restaurant etc. I am the youngest there but my class all seem really nice and so does the lecturer, and we have a coffee break half-way during the class (which can't be bad!). Also last night was the last night of Polefit beginners class, it was great but I won't know what to do on a Thursday nights now though there may be a possibility I am going back to do the intermediate class.On other news the Vintage fair is on Sunday and I am quite excited, it should be fun, I'd really like to find a nice scarf as it has been starting to get chilly lately and won't be long until we are all in our winter woollies so will be keeping my eyes peeled. I have also booked my tickets for Belfast Fashion Week ( which should be a great few nights out (I attended the master classes last year and they were superb and really got me motivated). Unfortunately due to finances and practicalities I won't be going to London Fashion Weekend in Somerset House ( which I am extremely gutted about especially since it is lfw's 25th anniversary but next year there will be no ifs or buts, I'll be going even if it is just me pottering along on my own. This year I will just appreciated our local fashion before I go and shop like mad internationally!

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