Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fashion shouldn't be about ME

I feel fashion needs to get away from the self-absorbed stigma it has been given. I started my blog as a means to get across my views on fashion in general (trends, designers, key pieces etc) but with personal circumstances changing (no longer being with now the ex-boyfriend something which I am still coming to terms with as a load of emotions hit me). I fear that unintentionally I may be talking about oneself too much something which I can say little to rectify apart from that when I started this blog I was self-assured of who I was and my views on fashion and my tastes. Then something in my life happened that has made me rethink things and although I don't think there has been a dramatic change I still think it is necessary to write down my thoughts to show I don't know all the answers (almost like an anti-fashion journalist). I am simply a fashion enthusiast that always seems to be two steps in front or two steps behind on the new fashion 'trends'. I believe style is someones identity and cannot be proved right or wrong (although some looks should come with a warning sticker). Dress for yourself, love your clothes, love your accessories and everything else will follow. There is no such thing thing as a fashion victim(well I hope not)!

P.S. Slight confession I bought POP magazine today for the first time which is quite bad since it is an extremely influential fashion and cultural staple and although I haven't read all of the small novel (it does have a lot of pages) so far I'm loving it's brave mix of going outside the norm of traditional (Vogue) fashion. However I will always love my Vogues' and Elles'!

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