Friday, 4 September 2009

Oh la, la

As all places are filled out on the dress making and tailoring course I had hoped to start in a few weeks I will now be learning French on a Wednesday night starting this week coming. I am both nervous and excited, I hope I take to the subject as it should be fun and hopefully now I can maybe organise a Paris trip sooner than I planned. On other news I have just finished Pattie Boyd's biography (the model and photographer who was both married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton). It was really interesting especially for the personal history and way of life in the 60s. I think for many the period is one of fascination as it was a global cultural event more dominate than movements that preceded it (punk, Brit pop etc). No new purchases this week as I've had to pay for the French course but as anyone knows who loves fashion it is not the 'new' that matters but what you do with the 'old'. Although I did come across this scarf on my web travels which I can't help but picture with my skinny legged white jeans and a crisp white shirt out of my closet and a nice plan brown belt to top it all off but then one can imagine. I have to listen to my own advice and accessorise with the 'old'!!

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