Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Can't speak french

Nothing much to report today as feeling a bit under the weather with an ear infection. I had to come home from work today and go straight to bed where I think I will head after I write this post to be bright for tomorrow morning. ELLE magazine arrived in the post today so I have that to look forward to read when feeling better and my 1960s coin bracelet arrived as well so have that to inspect and enjoy more closely too. Lately I have been wondering if I could save on lessons and learn french from French vogue, I know it sounds quite ridiculous but I think I might give it a go until next year when I can afford the proper tuition. From about the age of seventeen/eighteen I have had a passion for France, despite never visiting the country (I was supposed to go to Paris this year as a birthday present but that is going to have to be postponed for a few years until I can save up the pennies to go and hopefully have someone to travel with as friends don't really share my passion for France. However this is probably a good thing as it gives me more time to learn the language). I think it all started with the fashion (surprise, surprise) and Jean-Luc Godard films particularly the ones Anna Karina stared in. I just think she is an amazing beauty to me she is Audrey Hepburn Esq but with more edge and an interesting character for study (my dissertation was on her and I have been encouraged to study a PhD on the topic as no books are available on her but I think my confidence needs to grow slightly in the subject before I take it to that level. It's just a pipe dream at the moment). She was the 60s french Hepburn that wouldn't be seen outta place marrying a Rolling Stone. Check out the following clip http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x61xlj_anna-karina-roller-girl_shortfilms to see what I mean. I'd also highly recommend Godard as a director but for people not used to foreign films I'd give his films a few watches before you make your mind about them as I've found that his films I had liked the least have slowly but surely become my favourite.

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