Thursday, 11 February 2010

Universal language

Flicking through my current copy of Parisian Vogue I am suddenly struck by the adverts and it occurs to me how powerful a communicator fashion is in the world. It does not matter what copy of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire or other major fashion magazine house but the words 'Chanel', 'Dior', 'Alexander McQueen', 'Vera Wang', 'Donna Karan' are all spelt and pronounced the same. I know the last three names aren't the best examples of this point as they are all people's full names but fashion has succeed fully in advertising were others have not, for example over here in the U.K. we currently eat chocolates and drive cars that go by different names else where, the adverts for these products contain different people to suit more to the 'look' of the country they are situated in. The reason for this the world of fashion is universal, there are no 'looks' for one particular country - fashion is the world.

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