Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Raiding the dressing-up box

Many critics of fashion in the recession have claimed that designers are just raiding 'the any trend will do' style box in the sky. Whether this is true or not (I believe it isn't) I think this present moment in the fashion world is giving us a chance to reclaim our youth and raid our metaphorical style boxes. I for one at the moment have a passion for hats and an extreme longing for a certain feathered topshop cape. When I would have an 'appropriate' occasion to wear them is another matter but if there are any rules to style they are made to be broken so if you ever see a random girl walking down the street in her 5-inch-heels, feather cape and bowler hat don't panic it's only me.

P.s. Despite having a craving for the pink feathered topshop cape I also think this one at asos is pretty funky.

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