Thursday, 14 January 2010

Fashion can't fix everything

I'm just after watching the new BBC series 'Material Girl' which looks set to be a massive hit. I was struck though by a line in it that commented fashion can't cure all problems which got me thinking about how true this statement actually is. Take the last 6-7 months for example in my life - I got my heartbroken by a guy I naively was convinced I was going to marry one day, at a bit of a loss after finishing uni and the one thing that saved me was fashion (a mixture of retail therapy, discovering a love of vintage, helping out at fashion shows, striving for a career as a fashion journalist). All this is great and I do feel fantastic but I still have those insecurities about entering the big bad world by myself and not having someone to shelter behind when the going gets tough. Really fashion doesn't help cure or fix anything but it is a (to use an American phrase) 'kick-ass' way of pretending everything is okay and to tell you the truth I think I prefer it than having someone to hide behind. Yeah I honestly do, so 2010 here I come!

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