Friday, 16 April 2010

Thank Crunchie it is Friday

Can not believe it is Friday already as it has been a busy week. On Wednesday night I was back to French class after the 2 week break for Easter. It was kind of hard trying to get back into the way of things, I really need to focus hard on during the week revision. It was good though to be back to see everyone in the class and catch up but it was a little embarrassing because I had totally forgotten about the articles in the paper until Paul announced 'I didn't know we had a celebrity in our class'. I could have died with embarrassment but it wasn't too bad, they even joked about asking for my autograph.
I am excited about tomorrow as it is my first day volunteering down in re: vintage down royal avenue in Belfast, it should be fun as it is a fantastic shop. If you haven't already been you should check it out, it is the closest vintage shop I have seen that markets to the mainstream public. Trouble is I am worried I might become attached to too many things and only get depressed when they have to be sold.

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