Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Sunday, I definitely have had too much to eat with Sunday dinner and all those chocolates. Though the funny thing is my chocolate Crunchie egg sitting on the shelf in the living room has never looked so appealing (why do we crave food even when we are full?).
It was great having such a nice day it meant that I could actually pick whatever I wanted out of my closest without my mum commenting how inappropriate it may be (I don't tend to do practical rainy weather clothes). So I decided to grab the above sparkly vintage dress which is actually very figure forgiving as it glides over the body as supposed to clinging to it (which helps today). I haven't got much else to say as I have been having one of those lazy Sundays but it gives me plenty of time to relax for the next Vintage Fair next Sunday. Can't Wait! Remember to check out the Frock Around the Clock blog for details at

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