Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Sign of Weakness

I have read a lot of magazine articles recently on strong, ambitious women who are seen by society as bitchy (really do not like the word) and how this needs to change.
Do not get me wrong I totally agree things do need to change but what gets me is the other side of the coin; the things we must not say or do because we might be seen as 'weak'.
I as a person tend to do all the things that supposedly make women weak individuals but I don't believe in hiding or lying about emotions and intentions. For instance my love/hate relationship with journalism - I do not believe it is right to publish anything about anyone that is damaging or that they do not consent to you publishing. People may argue that this makes me a rather weak journalist - I like to think of it as I have principles.
Love is the other big downfall in my life - I am sorry but I do not have time to play games such as 'you may never say this to him or that...', 'you must be strong and let him contact you' and 'you must go out and find someone else, do not let him see you cry'. I apologise but I fell in love when I was 18 and I still love him and I do not see why I should hide this when it is how I feel. Do I wish to get back together with him? No definitely not! I just don't think it makes me a weak person to admit this. To me it makes me a strong individual because I am being honest, I have realised he does not feel the same way and I have moved on. Why should I apologise for this?
The modern woman lives her life defined by the lives of successful women before her and the unofficial protocol that is set into motion, scared to reach out side the box for fear of being seen as weak. Though really to change people's perceptions on what is wrong and right is that really weak? For me that is revolutionary we should be proud to be different and remember weakness is only a weakness if you make it.

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