Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A few sniffles...

I Apologise if this blog post has a few mistakes or doesn't make much sense, struggling with my hay fever at the moment so trying to balance using a tissue and typing at the same time. Despite what the stereotype is I do struggle with multi-tasking.
Did everyone enjoy Vintage Sunday at The Empire? If you were not there you missed loads, just check out Frock Around The Clock's blog and you'll see! It was a gorgeous day just perfect to do a bit of vintage shopping, I unfortunately am on a strict shopping diet but I still managed to pick up on a few finds on the lo lo's house stall.
I just hope at the next Frock Around the Clock I am off this strict diet and can nab myself something exciting and guilt-free.
PICTURES: Purchases at Vintage Fair and Paloma Faith album sleeve cover (cd was a present for birthday)