Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It's raining colour, bodycon or khaki.

Well what can I say about the weather apart from it is miserable (yet again) only got my nail polish colours to cheer me up. Spent most of the day indoors trying on outfits as it is my birthday in a while. I am planing on going out with the girls for cocktails in the Apartment in Belfast and I want to look smart but young oh and sexy (haven't been single on my birthday for 4 years!). Although I was only out looking today I have a dilemma how on earth do you look all the above things especially when it will be jeans and fancy tops for all my friends (I already look out of place being the short one with the heels?
I definitely don't want to be the slutty single one but either do I want to be the frumpy single girl (most of my friends are in relationships) so how do I strike the balance? From today my current options are a warm orange 1960s style Secretary dress which sits below the knee and has a bow at bust (think 'Mad Men'), a LBD bodycon dress that sits half way up my thigh and exaggerates my J.Lo behind or a khaki silk like skirt which also exaggerates the derriere and again is half way up my thigh (with a crisp white shirt, some black court heels and some vintage gold jewellery and clutch).Or should I just dump all those options and go for something completely different?
Gosh, fashion should never be this many questions, maybe I'll just grab whatever is in my wardrobe on the night. Yeah I'll do that, though.................................what nail polish to wear.....................

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