Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Little Bit Delicious

Just spent today through the snow doing a bit of vintage shopping i.e. two sparkly hugging dresses which when brought home not sure I can quite carry off. It's the whole backside situation yet again (seriously it is huge! I was even teased at University for it from not so very nice first year housemates). I don't think it would be such an issue if my legs were longer, which is why I wear heels, I have too for the illusion of a smaller as my mum would say 'btm'.
They are gorgeous sparkly dresses though especially the black one, it is very 80s power dressing. You could totally imagine a toned leggy 80s chick putting it on to meet the 'girls' for some cocktails. I on the other hand am scared that I give off the miss-piggy-dressing -like-my-mum-twenty-years-ago-look. Though fear not I have a plan it is my smart-casual dress which will be teamed with some nice jeggings and black heels and a long cardigan (Helen's version of 2010 power dressing).
Oh talking of dressing has anybody else been watching the delightful Miss Dahl on BBC 2 on Tuesday nights? I just love Sophie Dahl ever since my 14th birthday I think it was when a friend gave me her first book ' The Man with the Dancing eyes', I am just simply captivated by her view on life even more so than her Grandfather's. She just seems to get the mystery of the little things in life without seeming like she is completely away with the fairies.
Plus I am extremely jealous on how she can just pull all the knowledge of quotes and stuff she has read just out of her head and use it in everyday conversation (she's my equivalent of Stephen Fry).
Oh and the fact she can cook and bake and looks ravishingly beautiful (whatever size she has been) just makes her all the more enviable but saying this I do hope to try out some of her recipes soon, so you never know maybe there are some magic ingredients there to make me just as fabulous as her.

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