Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Sensible One

I recently was speaking to an older male friend of mine about life and relationships and somehow we got on to the topic of being 'sensible'. He himself is single and classes himself as 'the sensible one' growing up where as his younger brother was a bit of 'a wild child' and is now happily married with three children. I am not saying marriage and kids is the ultimate goal to achieve when growing up but it is quite funny how people's lives turn out.
When I was at school I was seen as the sensible girl (smart but not smarty pants smart, quiet, polite and a good girl but never a snitch!) and the one everyone assumed would be married first with tons of children.
Which is a bit ironic because I have never been that fussed on babies, yes I may have dreamed of one day walking down the aisle and having a small brood but I don't know whether I see myself as the wife - type, I suppose I have just always hoped it will all fall into place if I meet the right man.
I think this notion of sensibility is partly due to the eldest child mentality as everyone knows parents always drill manners and rules into the first born more than the next (which is probably our job). I always find myself questioning everything I do which I think has resulted in me being quite an unlucky clumsy person where as my younger brother is quite the opposite. As my mum quite often points out 'Helen would be the first to lose something and Peter the first to find it'.
Don't get me wrong I quite like being the sensible one most of the time but just sometimes I would really like to let my hair down without worrying about the worst possible situations I could get myself in. To give you an example of my worry; on my eighteenth birthday instead of my first thought being 'yes I am now an adult' mine was 'oh no if I accidentally do something wrong I could go to prison', so yeah sometimes my sensible approach becomes a bit insensible in it's own rational!
I am coming up to my 22nd Birthday soon so I was thinking it was about time I maybe give being a bit of a risk taker a go and see how far it gets me (hopefully not prison!) and I'll let you know how it goes. Twenty-two is the time for risks people! Anyone got any risky stories they'd like to share?


  1. I'm the eldest child as you know but I think my sister (the youngest of three) has taken on the sensible role. I have always thrived on taking risks but I will have to try and think hard for an interesting story!

  2. There goes my theory. Will have to come up with a new one as to why I'm allergic to risks.