Monday, 29 March 2010

Now lets get back to fashion...

Yet again the blog has taken the form of a very unfashionable diary which I have only my unease over fashion week to blame. Saying fashion week I mean all of them not one in particular and it has nothing to do with the clothes, the bright lights are the models because I absolutely love that (it always gives me goosebumps when I am at a catwalk show or I am watching one online). It's just society's attitude towards the runways that slightly bug me, just because something is in season does not make it fashionable. For instance I would have to be held down before you'd get me into a pair of clogs despite loving all of the designers who have designed a pair. If I were to wear a pair it wouldn't be right because I wouldn't believe in the look and it would just look as awkward as it would feel.
Ironically it also gets me a bit annoyed when everyone claims to be an expert of fashion in the media and it results in some family member telling me that I should wear something because it is in all the magazines and all the 'young ones' are wearing them.
I am still a magazine addict however and wishing to pursue that career in fashion journalism so maybe my views are going to have to wain or maybe I could start a magazine of anti-trends. I wonder how far that would go?

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