Sunday, 21 March 2010

Who Are We to Judge?

Yesterday I had a perfect Saturday hunting round the local charity shops for the very first time as I have always been self-conscious to do so before. I got quite a few new items of clothing (most of them with labels still attached) - a few topshop tops and a sisley waistcoat. I did see a gorgeous pair of shoes made in Italy but of course they were two sizes too small!
It was quite sad to see most of the clothes were from primark or supermarket brands which must not be great for the charities as the clothes were already cheap to begin with so they would be extremely hard to price. I do really think the charity shop needs a revamp as many people were just throwing the clothes everywhere and having no respect for the garments at all, people need to start treating them with more importance.
I had decided to go out in my handmade feather top - got a few looks but nothing major despite my brother's warning that if I stood too long on one spot people might start throwing bread at me (mistaken for a pigeon).
I have always been quite scared at home of standing out in a crowd too much in fear of being judged. I wear heels to the shops which I know sometimes results in being given weird looks but I am conscious of wearing anything else that may get me noticed. I know this is a very anti-fashion thing to state and I shouldn't care what others think but last night my brother (15) came home from being down the town with his friends to inform us he had to ring for an ambulance and the police earlier. An older guy had been beaten up badly for having dreadlocks and my brother had came across him and had to help him walk to safety as he could barely see through all the blood to his face.
Stories like this make me feel sick that someone could have no thought but to beat up someone to a pulp just because they are different. I admit I am a little naive when it comes to the world's troubles and I get annoyed every time the troubles in Northern Ireland are mentioned in a National BBC broadcoast (even Coast commented on them) because I like to think my generation has moved away from all of this and I honestly believe it has! This attack could have happened anywhere, it has just got me thinking who sets the rules of 'normal'? And are we always under pressure to conform? Can fashion and style ever be completely spontaneous and free?

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