Sunday, 1 November 2009

Belfast Fashion Week

I've just had a busy weekend, I went to see Belfast Fashion week at Belfast City hall on both Friday (30th October) and Saturday (31st October). It was great to see what the Northern Irish fashion industry has to offer because I think sometimes we can (well I can) get a bit disheartened about the opportunities over here for a 'career' in the industry as all things fashion seem to be hidden underground or one gets the impression it is strictly 'members only' in a world where real fashion is universally appreciated. Although I must say the two nights I attended Friday (designer) and Saturday (highstreet) at BFW I left hopeful for Northern Ireland getting to grips with the concept of appreciation of all aspects of the business, it was just such a shame I had to miss Thursday's vintage night as I feel vintage appreciation is the real key to great style and it would have been nice to see Belfast's interpretation of this. I must apologise for the bad pictures, my camera has been playing up of late but I thought I was best still putting these two pictures up to show the gorgeous venue and the glittery gold catwalk the models paraded down both nights. I just was glad to take a break from working that I did not really note any key particular finds though there was a gorgeous white woollen coat from Fran and Jane on the Lisburn Road in Belfast that just walked stunningly down the catwalk unfortunately I feel I wouldn't have the height to carry it off even if I was wearing killer heels. I however did notice something attending both nights that although the clothes were fabulous walking down the runway there was just something missing and it was only when I was home I realised what it was; each other, it is true what they say the perfect outfits are the ones that incorporate both highstreet and designer. To check out better photos of BFW and to see that Fran and Jane coat check out for everything that is happening in Northern Ireland!

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