Saturday, 14 November 2009

A little bit of vintage

Recently as I was searching online for vintage presents I came across this magazine clutch at Steptoe Antiques and it reminded me of a recent picture of Rihanna (below) . Although it is common knowledge that just like literature fashion is just old ideas into a new concept it never fails to surprise me how an item in the 70s that could have well been used to accompany a sporty lacoste assemble can 30 years later be the finishing touch to a high-powered daytime rock chick look. I may have a hard time convincing my mum of this advance of vintage as I recently advised her to buy a 1980's red coin purse online to replace her weathered brown much loved one. Arriving today the purse got much laughter as it can barely hold three coins and my mum still finds it hard believing the 1980s can be called vintage! On other news I am currently interning at a magazine in Belfast called 'Eve' and in the current issue, that was out on Thursday (12th November) I have a piece published ('style secrets' on Becky Moore - organiser of Frock Around the Clock). It feels good to have something down that I can call my own but realistically I know it is just the start on the ladder to probably a very long journey into the world of fashion journalism as in the world of fashion there is no easy route. However you should all definitely check out Eve, not for my article but because I really feel it brings something new to the Northern Irish media scene, it's got plenty of clothes, shoes and boys to wet your lips over, real life stories and the competitions aren't bad either!

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