Thursday, 26 November 2009

Stitch and style

It was a cold crisp night last night but it didn't stop the fashionable women of Northern Ireland going on in force to Belfast City Council's second Stitch and Style event. A really worth while cause, an amazing catwalk shoot and an incident that had me in stitches would pretty much sum up the night for me if I had to. My friend Joanne went with me and is somewhat new to taking an interest in fashion. After the catwalk as I was hunting through the rails of clothes that were on display afterwards I noticed a gorgeous gold and turquoise dress that really was to die for but it was about twice the size of me both in height and length and I haven't yet got the nerves to go anywhere near a sewing machine just yet. Joanne who could see my frustration carefully looked at the label and then turned to me and said a little too loud that I could make a note of the shop and go to see if they had a smaller size. Wise advice if it wasn't vintage but it made me laugh (and her when she realised what she'd said)! Just goes to prove it is definitely more fun when your friends don't understand half the time what you're on about!

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