Thursday, 19 November 2009

Styling crisis

I am having a wardrobe dilemma as I have sort of a double-date on Saturday night at the cinema. I am going with a friend, her boyfriend and his friend who has expressed an interest in me but has been told I sadly don't feel the same. My crisis is what to wear when my normal cinema outfit consists of high heels, a blazer and jeans (in Northern Irish circles-overdressed) without giving him the impression I have changed my mind. I suppose I could always not go but I'd feel guilty after already saying yes and it is to go and see 'New Moon' which looks like it's going to be amazing and with two very good looking guys in it I am sure my eyes will be very focused on the screen (I just hope his are!). Today however I met a lot of very stylish, interesting people who didn't seem like they had any styling disasters in their lives, as I was taking some style spotter photos in Belfast for eve. Despite the rainy windy weather (my umbrella blew inside out on a number of occasions-too many to count) the women of Belfast yet again didn't let it dampen their fashion spirits and were looking as stylish as ever.

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