Sunday, 22 November 2009

Beautiful disaster

Well my feelings didn't change last night on the 'double-date' but I had a good time and he was a gentleman and paid my way in. In the end I stuck with the high heels and even braved my River Island sequins blazer (quite a bit over the top for the cinema we ended up in but I felt good in it none the less). I myself am not a Twilight fanatic but I can appreciate the saga and I thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised how much the clothes have a vital role in the film. There is one scene which I found almost poetic where one of the vampires (Victoria) is running through the woods her bright red hair, long coat and dress blowing in the wind that she has created, showing how important movement is in clothes to convey the right effect, which is why the catwalks and runways are a vital part of the fashion industry. Someone who represents this importance of movement, the model Kate Moss (one of my style icons) has been a focus in the news this week with her comment “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, which has caused outrage among much of the media as she is seen as a role model for many young women. I agree it is a somewhat dangerous comment but reflectively it is a bit true as most women (and some men) know the feeling of what it is like to fit into a smaller size pair of jeans and the smugness of this fact even if it is simply down to the cut and not your waistline. Ultimately though the smaller jeans may gave me a rush that cannot be compared but where chocolate cake is involved the cake will always win.

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