Sunday, 8 November 2009

It's 5-inch or nothing....

I was a little shocked reading the cover of The Sunday Time's supplement 'Style' this morning claiming the 'Death of the killer heel'. We may be having a reassurance in chunky biker boots and brogues but that is no excuse to claim we need to starting digging holes in the flower beds just yet to bury our much loved 5-inch's! I for one feel there is nothing more sexy than a pair of killer heels, the way it exaggerates a woman's body making all her curves sit in the right places, setting off even the dreariest clothes and most of all making this 5ft 3 woman feel she can conquer the world. Therefore as long as the shoemaker greats are still in business we will have the powerful heel, as who can argue louboutin's trademark red sole definately sits better on the higher shoe.

P.S. Can someone tell me the reason for kitten heels? It is the one shoe invention I just do not get even if they were catwalk favourite at the September shows 2009.

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