Monday, 31 August 2009

Unique style

Just a quick message to say to check out the following website: for unique one off pieces. I myself am especially loving the bow pendant necklaces. Also check out and which are hugely influential fashion websites and are all about celebrating uniqueness.
P.s. I've just signed up with twitter to see how that goes although so far I cannot see the fascination with it. The link is

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Weddings, tassles and passing strangers

Well it has been an eventful weekend. On Friday I attended my neighbours' daughter's wedding which was a lovely day despite the Northern Irish weather. The dress was gorgeous (white with red flowers on the bodice and down the front) with the groom and ushers in matching waistcoats. I decided to wear my long black and white maxi dress, mixing it up with my snake print five inch high Jasper Conran heels, some topshop pearls and a large clear bangle with sparkly dominates. Last night I attended the black box for a bedlam ballroom ( event with my burlesque enthusiast friend Diane ( It was a great night out; great venue, a great show and great people however it felt a bit ironic being a fashion conscious individual going to an event where the clothes and accessories were thrown to the floor but these women didn't need any clothes to command a room believe me! There was such a mix of people, young and old, dressed up and dressed down with many taking the event as an excuse to get all dolled up vintage style, with many women wearing hair pieces, pearls and feathers. I myself took it as an opportunity to bring my new vintage handbag for it's first outing and in the process fell in love with it more. It went great with my simple jeggings, nautical style urban outfitters dress-tee and my river island black tail blazer dressed with a grey pin corsage.Also last night as I was waiting on the other side of the street waiting for Diane getting something from her car a passing male (sober) stranger walked by me and simply stroked my arm. It struck me as odd but not just because I didn't know the individual or the fact no words were spoken but the fact that me; miss worry-about-everything, didn't feel at all threatened. In fact it actually even helped a little in restoring my faith in human kindness; the world would be a much happier place if we just showed a bit more appreciation and affection without thinking of what we could get in return. It doesn't have to be physical but even a simple smile can brighten someones day, go on give it a go and I will try to do it to.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A rush of lust

A few things on my wish list...and most I'll never own but a woman can admire even if it is from afar.....

Luck Is Believing You're Lucky, That's All Bangle
Jessica Kagan Cushman

Chanel nail enamel in Cherry (441)

Anna Lou of London H bling Necklace

And finally....for now anyway.....

Mustard Yellow Felt and Black Velvet Trim 60s Hat

P.S. There is also a ring by Seagreen in Dublin in the shape of a tiger that I love but can find no pictures of it to show. And....
P.P.S. Don't forget Kate Moss's new collection for Topshop goes on sale tomorrow ( I have already seen a few pieces I like including a long cosy cream and black jumper dress which would look fab for all those Christmas parties.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

purses, handbags, flats and love

I went a little mad on vintage online shopping yesterday at buying a 1960s handbag from Hong Kong, a metallic 1950s purse and a 1960s souvenir coin bracelet from Italy. The charm of vintage shopping is not just that no one in a five mile radius is going to have it but also that like the people that enjoy it, it has a past and that ironically makes it more love-able as one wishes that it too has experienced emotions of love, hope and rejection. This may seem a 'little' crazy but it is true as the heart craves sentimental value. I will have to upload pictures of them when they come through the post and hopefully they too will help me experience those emotions again. On other news my now loved up younger brother has decided to tell me heels are out and flats are in, as the 'new generation' apparently finds heels beyond disgusting however for me as long as Anna Wintour is still strutting in her five-inch Louboutins the heel will always be in vogue.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Here's some of the pics taken the other week in Belfast (Thank you Sy!)

These were just a few shots of us mucking around before we start to focus on Northern Ireland fashion. Just testing out the cameras and backgrounds.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Frock around the clock

Have a bit of news; I am going to be helping out on a stall at vintage festival 'Frock around the clock' in Belfast on 13th September. I didn't want to mention it earlier just in case I jinxed it but I met the organiser Rebecca (Becky) Moore today over a cup of tea to meet each other before the day. She seems like an amazing woman and I can't wait to help out on the stall but I am doubtful of whether I am going to have any money left when I come back. It is fantastic to see that there is such events in Northern Ireland which normally is way behind in terms of thinking outside traditional boxes compared to the rest of U.K. You will find that there will still be the few considering vintage as costume as supposed to a way of life but hopefully events like this (which are happening more regularly) will be the start of better things to come. To check out more on the event and other exhibitions Rebecca is organising visit

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Short but sweet

Again one is in a rush which is what the headline means as supposed to a reference on my height. Just a note to say to check out this site definitely a new favourite!

Friday, 14 August 2009

Another week, more dilemmas

It was another round of polefit last night which again will probably not affect me too much until tomorrow morning. Learnt a few more moves including the fireman's pole which i was really chuffed I could do (now I just need to find a fireman). Next week we learn how to do a vertical move which I am dreading, just hope the navy three-quarter lengths are up to it. On Fashion news I am actually really loving the jeggings, think the gold buttons really set them off and feel like I am more toned now or possibly that's just me wishful thinking.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What a girl is worth

Well, absolutely exhausted after yesterday although had fun in the process. Went out into Belfast with old school friends Sy and Lauren and took some fashion-y shots which will hopefully turn out okay (I was in them). Shot them in Botanic gardens and Queen's University grounds and to end the day went to see Coco before Chanel by Anne Fontaine which was incredibly enjoyable. I also realised I am a very expensive shopper, saw a number of items of clothing and a gorgeous blue ring to which when I asked the price the reply was £199.99 and for someone with no money that is over a weeks wages!

Friday, 7 August 2009

The kate moss move

Well It's the day after pole fit and surprisingly I am not as bad as I thought, well until I try and put on my jacket and then my arms wreck! It was a laugh though and the people in the group seem nice (not taking it overly seriously). Joanne and I were last to grab a pole though which involved my new navy three-quarter length leggings being put to the test as I had a pole at the very front which meant everyone could see how bad exactly I was (we won't talk about the warm up). As well as exercising we learnt a few moves including the Marylin and the Kate Moss, the Marylin was relevantly easy but the Kate Moss I struggled with, I kept lifting the wrong hand off the pole as I tried to do a mid-turn but ever the fashion-ista I got there in the end (may be debatable).
I have found that the blog is becoming more of a diary lately than a fashion blog but really I suppose fashion is life so although I mightn't be strictly talking about clothes, shoes, accessories etc I am talking about my life where my clothes and my style are a big part of who I am. I am not saying I am stylish because there are probably many who would say I do not reflect style but I feel I am not truly me unless I feel comfortable in the outfit I am wearing and with recent personal circumstances I feel that this 'me' is evolving and it is going to be exciting to see where this journey of emotions lead me. Although saying all this as it is pay day today I let some retail therapy get called for, treating myself to a pair of jeggings ( I hope I can pull them off), a frilly sleeveless white top, a very bold turquoise chunky necklace out of Argento and another shade of blue nail varnish. I do feel better for it, oh and the new Vogue and Grazia but I don't think they are counted as a special purchase as I think it would be more strange if I went a day without buying a magazine. I am going to Belfast on Monday to do some more therapy, go to the library to look up archives and resources, hopefully get photos taken and to see 'Coco before Chanel' which I have been dying to see for ages now but I unfortantly have a lack of friends who appreciate french film.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

What does one wear while pole dancing?

I am getting quite scared now as tomorrow night pole fit starts (an exercise programme incorporating pole dancing) in my local leisure centre and my friend Joanne and I have signed up for the next six weeks. I really don't know what I have let myself in for, being one of the least flexible people you'll meet and quite weak in upper body strength I really don't know how I am going to survive for an hour dancing round a pole! There is also the dilemma of what to wear as the woman at the desk mentioned hot pants and heels (I've went with three quarter length navy leggings, and a long white tank top incorporating this seasons nautical theme with an anchor). One doesn't want to look overly dressed up but at the same time I don't want to look like a plastic bag swirling round a lamp-post on a windy day. On other news the new ELLE arrived through my door the other day and there is a competition for your chance to become to a regular contributing writer at the magazine(my dream job!) all I have to do is write 900 words on what style means to me which is easier said than done. Well I better go and try and get some beauty sleep for tomorrow and hopefully I won't have to write about another fashion disaster tomorrow night.