Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Frock around the clock

Have a bit of news; I am going to be helping out on a stall at vintage festival 'Frock around the clock' in Belfast on 13th September. I didn't want to mention it earlier just in case I jinxed it but I met the organiser Rebecca (Becky) Moore today over a cup of tea to meet each other before the day. She seems like an amazing woman and I can't wait to help out on the stall but I am doubtful of whether I am going to have any money left when I come back. It is fantastic to see that there is such events in Northern Ireland which normally is way behind in terms of thinking outside traditional boxes compared to the rest of U.K. You will find that there will still be the few considering vintage as costume as supposed to a way of life but hopefully events like this (which are happening more regularly) will be the start of better things to come. To check out more on the event and other exhibitions Rebecca is organising visit

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