Friday, 7 August 2009

The kate moss move

Well It's the day after pole fit and surprisingly I am not as bad as I thought, well until I try and put on my jacket and then my arms wreck! It was a laugh though and the people in the group seem nice (not taking it overly seriously). Joanne and I were last to grab a pole though which involved my new navy three-quarter length leggings being put to the test as I had a pole at the very front which meant everyone could see how bad exactly I was (we won't talk about the warm up). As well as exercising we learnt a few moves including the Marylin and the Kate Moss, the Marylin was relevantly easy but the Kate Moss I struggled with, I kept lifting the wrong hand off the pole as I tried to do a mid-turn but ever the fashion-ista I got there in the end (may be debatable).
I have found that the blog is becoming more of a diary lately than a fashion blog but really I suppose fashion is life so although I mightn't be strictly talking about clothes, shoes, accessories etc I am talking about my life where my clothes and my style are a big part of who I am. I am not saying I am stylish because there are probably many who would say I do not reflect style but I feel I am not truly me unless I feel comfortable in the outfit I am wearing and with recent personal circumstances I feel that this 'me' is evolving and it is going to be exciting to see where this journey of emotions lead me. Although saying all this as it is pay day today I let some retail therapy get called for, treating myself to a pair of jeggings ( I hope I can pull them off), a frilly sleeveless white top, a very bold turquoise chunky necklace out of Argento and another shade of blue nail varnish. I do feel better for it, oh and the new Vogue and Grazia but I don't think they are counted as a special purchase as I think it would be more strange if I went a day without buying a magazine. I am going to Belfast on Monday to do some more therapy, go to the library to look up archives and resources, hopefully get photos taken and to see 'Coco before Chanel' which I have been dying to see for ages now but I unfortantly have a lack of friends who appreciate french film.

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