Tuesday, 25 August 2009

purses, handbags, flats and love

I went a little mad on vintage online shopping yesterday at http://www.stardustonline.co.uk/ buying a 1960s handbag from Hong Kong, a metallic 1950s purse and a 1960s souvenir coin bracelet from Italy. The charm of vintage shopping is not just that no one in a five mile radius is going to have it but also that like the people that enjoy it, it has a past and that ironically makes it more love-able as one wishes that it too has experienced emotions of love, hope and rejection. This may seem a 'little' crazy but it is true as the heart craves sentimental value. I will have to upload pictures of them when they come through the post and hopefully they too will help me experience those emotions again. On other news my now loved up younger brother has decided to tell me heels are out and flats are in, as the 'new generation' apparently finds heels beyond disgusting however for me as long as Anna Wintour is still strutting in her five-inch Louboutins the heel will always be in vogue.

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