Sunday, 30 August 2009

Weddings, tassles and passing strangers

Well it has been an eventful weekend. On Friday I attended my neighbours' daughter's wedding which was a lovely day despite the Northern Irish weather. The dress was gorgeous (white with red flowers on the bodice and down the front) with the groom and ushers in matching waistcoats. I decided to wear my long black and white maxi dress, mixing it up with my snake print five inch high Jasper Conran heels, some topshop pearls and a large clear bangle with sparkly dominates. Last night I attended the black box for a bedlam ballroom ( event with my burlesque enthusiast friend Diane ( It was a great night out; great venue, a great show and great people however it felt a bit ironic being a fashion conscious individual going to an event where the clothes and accessories were thrown to the floor but these women didn't need any clothes to command a room believe me! There was such a mix of people, young and old, dressed up and dressed down with many taking the event as an excuse to get all dolled up vintage style, with many women wearing hair pieces, pearls and feathers. I myself took it as an opportunity to bring my new vintage handbag for it's first outing and in the process fell in love with it more. It went great with my simple jeggings, nautical style urban outfitters dress-tee and my river island black tail blazer dressed with a grey pin corsage.Also last night as I was waiting on the other side of the street waiting for Diane getting something from her car a passing male (sober) stranger walked by me and simply stroked my arm. It struck me as odd but not just because I didn't know the individual or the fact no words were spoken but the fact that me; miss worry-about-everything, didn't feel at all threatened. In fact it actually even helped a little in restoring my faith in human kindness; the world would be a much happier place if we just showed a bit more appreciation and affection without thinking of what we could get in return. It doesn't have to be physical but even a simple smile can brighten someones day, go on give it a go and I will try to do it to.

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