Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ssh........More Frocking Around

Today was yet again another great Frock Around the Clock. My magpie eyes could not comprehend the amount of delightful costume jewellery on show although it was a dress that really caught my eye in the end.
Bought from the lovely Kelly McLean of ashby ladies and gents, the dress in question is black velvet with ruffled strappy shoulders and decorative ruffles at the back and front. It really takes the LBD to a new level - it gave me that Carrie Bradshaw feeling, which is why I now have said dress in my possession and a somewhat guilty feeling of hiding it in my closest and hoping it is not spotted until the moment I can justify buying it.
As I was trying on the dress (hoping secretly it would not fit) in the hotel toilets I found myself surrounded by a collective amount of females doing exactly the same thing - perfect strangers but all bound by the love of finding something that makes you feel that little bit special. I have found that is what happens with vintage fashion especially at fairs such as Frock Around the Clock - here I found myself in a situation where I was talking to women I had never met before like I had known them for years. Everyone was giving their opinion on each others items of clothing, trusting their judgements, debating whether it was worth the money, complimenting what suits you etc. No one being vulgar or mean just a bunch of ladies having fun shopping - which is unlike anything you will find on the highstreet so if you have never been to a vintage fair I strongly recommend you give it a go because I can guarantee you'll not be disappointed and I hope you chose to visit Frock Around the Clock's bridal and evening wear fair on the 9th June (I personally can't wait).
Picture: Better one to follow

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