Monday, 3 May 2010

Holiday Fun

I hope everyone had a nice bank holiday weekend. I spent today down at an Antiques and collectible here in Newtownards. It was great - saw tons of vintage jewellery pieces which has really got me in the mood for Frock Around the Clock next Sunday at the Holiday Inn, which like always I can't wait for!
However I had to save the pennies today so no major purchases though I managed to nap these cute postcards - the one of Paris is from the1950s - oh to be alive then. And the woman in the other postcard just interested me as the postcard is slightly damaged making it hard to make out what kind of hat she is wearing. To me it currently reminds me of a fancy-dress set of cat ears, I know this is highly unlikely but it kind of makes me smile to think of it as fact. However if it is by some miracle true she is definitely the kind of lady that could pull them off, don't you think?

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