Monday, 28 December 2009

A little Green with envy

I don't know whether it is the extra helping of stuffing at the Christmas table or the fact I am yet again doing my Christmas time impression of Rudolph (the cold) but as I was checking through my favourite fashion blogs this morning e.g. fashiontoast etc. I couldn't help but get a feeling of fashion envy. It struck me how fashion has a habit of doing this, making one feel inferior which explains why many people in the outside world see fashion as one-sided and as a members-only club. Truth be told it is not necessarily fashion itself that causes these feelings but society's attitude towards the human form - i.e. one believes they have to be tall, tanned, thin, with great hair or kooky to be able to carry of membership into the fashion pack. Yes, most successful fashion blogs have this but I believe the really successful have just the self-belief and a love of fashion to count for their fame and this is what I admire and strive for. I mightn't know all the answers on Prada or every designer in alphabetic order or be photogenic but I do love fashion and I hope no matter how many helpings of stuffing I have or how red my nose is I can at least say I am somewhere in the fashion cyberspace of blogs and if not well at least I've tried.
P.S. Just for the record I think fashiontoast has all the right ingredients of a good fashion blog!

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