Sunday, 14 June 2009

Zero to hero

Was surprised this morning to hear the main BBC news talking about the British Vogue editor complaining that the clothes samples for the models are too small that they are having to find size Zero models to fit them and then touch up photos later to make the models look bigger than they actually are. I think it is a complex debate and one that is probably destined for a vicious cycle of blame. I think as an addict of magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Instyle etc I look at the pictures of the models and sometimes think why are they always showing skinny, beautiful models when I know that I or most people I know could ever look like that. Although at the same time I buy into the glamour and the reality is I would probably not be as interested in the clothes or the shape of them if they were on effectively 'normal' women. In fact the way this size zero model body is presented is almost better than if it was on a more realistic woman's body purely for the fact that most women know it is unattainable for them to reach this shape, where as a size 8 could be in reach and make the reader attain the goal of becoming that size. I however DO Not agree with the concept of size Zero at all because scientifically it is not healthy for any woman to be that small and believe the issue does have to be more globally debated though not for the health of young people (I believe they can even see the problems with the size) but for the well being of the models who are effectively very young themselves. On a lighter note I got my graduation mark on Friday, I will be graduating with a 2.1 which was what I was hoping for so really pleased for that, yay! I have two weddings to go in August so have to do the dress hunt all over again and still haven't got any shoes for my graduation yet (though have new river island blue flats to bring if gown is too short). Should have new photos up later along with my flicker album to check out. Today I have pink shimmer nail varnish on, the sunshine (yellow) rimmel was feeling a bit too bright for me at the moment, maybe later into summer. Cheerio

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