Friday, 5 June 2009


Yeah, the provisional dates for London fashion week are up (18th-22nd September) really hope I can go this year! Whats even better is it is in the new building Somerset House for the first time and Matthew Williamson and Burberry are coming back to show at the event as supposed to New York fashion week this year so hopefully it will be full of even more excitement. Check out for more details. I had a bit of a fashion meltdown this morning- changed my outfit four times before I went out (should I wear a dress, should a wear a skirt, should I wear white jeans etc.) I even changed went out and then came back to change into another outfit. I ended up wearing the skirt and okay felt a bit uncomfortable for a while but then my mood picked up and I let the clothes do the talking. Isn't funny how we seem to hide behind our clothes or our other halfs? I am a nightmare for it but clothes, accessories, loved ones etc are a definition of our personality so in the end unless you continually have a false persona on overdrive your clothes are going to represent you or your life. I think mine would probably say I'm a little indecisive, I wish I was taller (the heels) and that I am sometimes dress to accompany a hot looking individual (though that last point may be debated by some). Anyway all as I know is I love fashion it reflects who I am and I wouldn't change a thing as even the mistakes are lessons to be learnt from.

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