Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Carried away

Hey, there are more photos to follow just haven't had a chance (or more correctly had the computer long enough) to upload them. I am strangely loving the sunny weather at the moment, I usually tend to shy away from the sun because of the red tints in my hair (I don't tan) and the fact I'm not overly comfortable wearing summer clothes which tend to show more flesh than the winter woollies. However I am having fun with the new trend of bright colour clashing, and on Sunday I brought out the Bright pink Topshop dress I bought in The New Years sale and accessorised with my bright red nails, white and red necklace and my white River Island shades. Surprisingly I felt more comfortable than daft and was happy when my mum over the family BBQ compared the dress to something Carrie Bradshaw would wear. Unfortunately that comment was just to the dress and I don't look a thing like Sarah Jessica Parker.
On other news the graduation dress arrived, it is a lot shorter than I imagined it would be but loving it anyway, just need the shoes and jewellery to match. Although I think I have the shoes in mind and I think I'm going on a blue theme for the jewellery which means I can wear the bright blue large oval ring I bought last Friday in a local jewellery shop.
Also I am acquiring the help of my photography friend Sy to help me with taking some modelling pics so they should be up in the next few weeks along with the rest of the previous photos.

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