Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Every Woman Should Own an Orange Pair of Shoes

Autumn is nearly upon us and it is time to reach for those closed-toe stilettos for dodging the puddles on your way to work. However if like me and you don't own that many autumn friendly shoes it might involve making a quick run to the shops to nab what's in stock. Although a recent trip to a local supermarket taught me, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to break the bank to do so.

During the summer months we tend to ignore our closed-toe friends in favour of their sparkly sandals and wedges rivals but in truth they haven't gone away they are still sitting in their shelves in all their summer-y colours which means come the end-of-summer-sales there are plenty hiding on the rails. Many chose to ignore them due to their brightness saying 'you can't wear yellow shoes in winter'. I disagree and when I came across these gorgeous suede orange stilettos for £5 I had to have them even if they were slightly too big (just means I have to walk slower round the puddles).
Fashion may have season colour rules but style does not so if you want to wear black in Summer and pink in Winter I say go for it!

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