Friday, 29 May 2009

Whiter than white

I am so loving the new white trend going on. I have just bought white nail varnish today and I'm really happy that my boyfriend with stylish taste who bought me a white police watch for Christmas was bang on trend for this Summer's fashion. I have seen really gorgeous white shoes (my weakness) from river island that I want and also a gorgeous pair of white topshop jeans so I think they are going to be my next two major purchases. Oh and I have just ordered that dress fron Rise fashion, I really hope it fits.
Was really happy yesterday that I got my first subscription copy of Elle magazine in the post . It was part of my 21st birthday present from my boyfriend, that and Paris which still needs to be
booked yet when we are both free and have enough spending money saved. It sounds a bit sad that I get excited over a magazine but I am a bit of a fashion magazine addict, usually having every magazine in the store and still looking for more. I even bought French Vogue despite speaking no French what so ever (though it is a lifetime goal).
On other news I do have photos to go up to make the blog a bit more colourful and interesting but there is a problem with the computer at the moment so hopefully that will be sorted soon. I also need to clear up a few things on the point of the blog and myself so I'll do all this in the next few days along with the photos.

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